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Jewel Wonder

“Shrika Infotech is the barcode based solution developer providing various modules including Finance & Accounting, Stock Inventories, HR- Payroll, Procurement & Production, Sales & Distribution, Analysis – MIS Reporting etc for the different industries like Garment, Jewellery, Footware etc suitable for Retailer Stores, Wholesalers, Distributors, C & F, Manufacturers.

  • Custom party wise rate setup (diamond, gold, labour calculation)
  • Multiple voucher creation (cash, bank, expense, income, payment, receive)
  • Multiple book creation (sales, purchase, challan)
  • Bar-code connectivity
  • Custom tag designer
  • Bar-code label printing
  • Guaranty card
  • Export billing facility (Indian format)
  • Order tracking system
  • Quotation making
  • Covers complete jewelery stock, sales, accounts, manufacturing
  • Detailed management report and report export with excel format
  • Integration with jewelery E-Commerce
  • Customized report builder
  • Jewelery picture catalogue management
  • Inventory tracking system


  • Jewelery Transaction
  • Jewelery Transaction (Sale, Purchase, Challan Issue, Challan Receive)
  • Jewelery Stock maintenance
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Presentation of past data

  • Jewelery Manufacturing
  • Jewelery manufacturing details
  • Material Transaction
  • Material Stock Maintenance (On hand, Party, Workshop)
  • Order can be maintain

  • Accounting
  • Multiple voucher creation
  • Settlement can be done
  • Journal

Feature :-

Jewelery Transaction

  • Jewelery billing type can be as below
    MRP: - Transaction in amount
    Gold, Labour: - Transaction in amount other than gold. Gold will be received.
    Labour Bill: - Labour receive in amount and diamond, gold will be return by party with gold loss.
    Gold, Diamond, Labour: - Labour receive in amount and diamond, gold will be return by party.
  • Jewelery can be purchase or receive on challan for ready made jewelery sale
  • Jewelery can be given on challan and challan process helpful for fast movement of challan transaction. And later sale can be made from challan or Stock.
  • Style for jewelery can be maintain
  • For Diamond selling rate can be set Quality, Shape, Size wise
  • Party wise selling and accounting terms can be set
  • For Labour /Other amount formula can be design
  • Graphical Custom Tag can be design and print.
  • Share Photo can be view on different system.
  • Style for jewelery can be maintain
  • Barcode base system
  • Jewelery Stock as on date
    Present stock can be verify in Quantity and details
    Jewelery stock valuation can be get
  • Jewelery Stock Book for particular period It detailed Opening, Input (Mfg, Purchase), Output (Sale) and Closing Jewelery Quantity for particular period and also it can be view with details.
  • Report Builder: For custom requirement we can build custom reports with specified filter and fields. And it can be saved for future use.
  • Slide show presentation:
    It has feature of viewing Jewelery photos with description and also we can filter data for satisfied customer specified requirement. And we can create collection for selected items and from that selection we can create order or maintain collection.
  • On the spot jewelery details and photo can view in each jewelery report
  • All jewelery report support slide show facility

Jewelery Manufacturing

  • Jewelery can be inward as Manufactured.
    1) Material can be issue for particular Jewelery
    2) Material can be use from workshop stock.
    3) Issue Material will be modified when Jewelery complete (Final use will be entered) with Labour to be given can be entered.
    4) Jewelery Order date, Issue date, Complete Date can be maintained.
    5) For manufacturing Jewelery more than one worker can work. Labour can be distributed between then and material stock from different labour can be used.
  • Repairing Feature also available for stock items.
  • Order can be detailed for existing items or any custom items.
  • All (Purchase, Sale, Approval, Issue to Workshop, Receive From Workshop) material transaction can be made.
  • Material can be converted. i.e Gold can be receive in 24 crt but it can be converted in 18 crt
  • Semi-Finished material can be maintained with labour cost effects. i.e. Material converted by labour
  • Manufacturing details reports
    1) Pending item list can be get
    2) Manufacturing complete report
    3) Production Summery
  • Material Stock Report
    1) On hand
    2) With workshop
    3) Party Stock
    4) On Approval
    5) Stock Distribution at workshop


  • Multiple voucher creation
  • Settlement can be done
  • Journal
  • Account Reports
    1) Ledger / Ledger Settle
    2) Ledger with stock
    3) Due reports
    4) Final account
    5) Balance sheet with material stock